What is MusicSenergy?
MusicsEnergy™ - is a curriculum-based, creative approach to entrepreneurship using the powerful persuasion of music as a medium to earn, educate, empower and entertain. A secondary objective is to explore music's role and potential in reducing dis-ease. 

Julian Owens, Creator /Executive Producer of
MusicsEnergy™ is a singer/songwriter and independent artist passionate about inspiring youth. The inaugural MusicsEnergy project featured  Owens collaborating with students at T.C. Williams High School, local artists and musicians in the Greater Washington D.C. area. This collaboration resulted in two full-length recordings: 'Tell Somebody' and 'Celebrate Life'.  Both received a Grammy nod as semi-finalist in the 49th Annual Grammy Award Album of the Year- a rare distinction for a new, independent artist. Highlights of the T.C. Williams Project are available for viewing.

MusicSenergy - The Business of Music™ is a collection of courses, seminars and workshops teaching the fundamentals of music publishing and social entrepreneurship from the perspective of operating an independent record label. The curriculum includes opportunties to be creative, gain business acumen and develop functional skills to thrive as a creative entrepreneur. Enrolled participants receive instruction and mentoring on topics such as: artist development, songwriting, composition, music publishing, production, recording engineering, stage performance, marketing, and product distribution.

MusicSenergy Live!™ is a series of networking events where audiences enjoy live performances and informal interactions with artists and other special guests.

MusicSenergy Mentors™ is a mentorship program where students are paired with business and creative professionals to cultivate relationships and network.

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Julian Owens, MPH - Executive Producer
MusicSenergy™ is the creative brainchild of Julian Owens. Programming is exculsively implemented by HERE’S 2 LIFE, [H2L] - a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to develop and deliver innovative programs that address dis-ease by illuminating pathways to wealth and wellness. H2L programming examines the attitudes, beliefs and choices [ABCs] that shape our lives. Faith, hope, love, romance, personal responsibility, social awareness and learning from life lessons are Seven Jewels that help us grow and prosper.

Why is MusicSenergy™?
There is perhaps, no other art form as universal and persuasive as music. The sound of music strikes a chord on the keys of Man’s soul – despite age, race, gender or any other difference – igniting vibrations in our mind and body.

The power of music over young people especially seems almost supernatural. Like torrents of rain over low ground it saturates them, leaving no appetite un-whetted. Ready to absorb new knowledge, they reach out to music for answers to life’s most serious questions. Modern popular singers once referred to as “teen idols” are now more like spiritual leaders - their song lyrics taken for scripture and prophecy.

The impact music has on us is nothing new. But this impact is not all bad, especially if it was  balanced with a heightened awareness of just how much the sound of music influences us on many levels.

Teenagers in particular are struggling to find a sense of self in the music they listen to. Their favorite song might simply consist of two rhyming couplets repeated twenty or thirty times, but somehow it satisfies the young listener’s craving for independence.

MusicSenergyoffers a creative approach to working with youth offering alternatives to today's commerical music. Owens' work with youth and young adults heightens their awareness of music's role in our daily lives. Owens' work also reminds us  all just how much music influences our attitudes, beliefs and choices [ABCs]. His signature Seven Jewels™ approach to songwriting is different and just the difference many teachers, concerned parents and socially conscience artisans are seeking today as many struggle to find alternatives to the prevailing pop culture that perpetuates dis-ease.  MusicSenergy extends a lifeline to a generation some say is lost.

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